A table before me in the presence of my enemies

Nothing like cool breeze on your skin when you are stark naked.

I don’t mean coolness from your ceiling fan. I don’t mean the AC, that would be extra, What I mean is your naked body in all it’s glory nestled against mine while the window ajar lets in cool fresh air triggering the hair on your body to stand straight and sending that shiver down your spine.

Someone once told me you only know the sex was great if you both fucked on the bed and found yourself later on the ground. I am inclined to believe that notion now especially with…..

Hold that thought !

She just pressed her butt firmly on my groin, Now even with the cold from the window a surge of warmth just swept through my body from waist upwards.

I stare at her, Rosary around the fine lines of her neck.

Her whole body is a work of art. Tall, dark with round taut breast and adequately well formed ass.

I am truly confused now if i am a boobs man or an ass man, She is a masterpiece. I run my fingers through her hair and draw the outline of her curves, I drink in the sweaty smell of her body as I now put my arm around her waist just as she places her thighs on my right leg while still front faced and her behind my frontal view.

She grinds against me again, this time my Member responds with a raise and a tip as if to say well done. Just then I squeeze her breast hard and I draw a soft cry from her, She twirls to face me and I plant kisses on her mouth. Now her left thigh is raised high, Her Cunt is wet and I can smell her sweetness. 

I stick my cock inside of her and her pussy tightens as if to welcome me home. I appreciate the gesture and I show gratitude by squeezing her ass with my right arm. My left arm is idle, now that is unfair. So I lay flat and pull her on top of me and I can feel her completely take in all of my Dick as she cries out pleasurably again. 

Her Moans are like whispers but her eyes ring a different tone, she wants all of me. She cries out at every thrust, every time I push against the marble floor and force upward to meet her pussy. She grips my shoulders and moves faster as if to reach esctacy sooner but, Speed kills you know.

I push her off gently but she holds on, grappling at my arm and thighs trying to get back on the saddle but I have other plans. I pull her up and take her towards the wodden table and I beckon to her to get on it. 

Confusion is replaced by sudden realization of supposed delirious joy. She lays flat on the desk her restless legs supported by my shoulders, Her pussy open and waiting while she patiently pleasures herself with her index right finger.

I move in for the kill, I go in one stroke, two stroke, three strokes. Weirdly at every thrust the old table doesn’t shake or make a sound, Apparently it is firmly rooted to the ground.

She moans softly, her hands now pushing and scratching her hair. She moves sideways and upwards and I gently push her back down. I take my cock out and rub it against her clit, she goes hysterical.

I am enjoying watching her moan, I try and hold off from cumming just as she makes more sounds each getting louder and more appealing for mercy. She sounds like she would cry anytime soon.

“I am gonna cum oh godddd”



“Fuck me now” “don’t pull out”

Don’t fucking stop blsbdbysyjwjsksbmwk

Gibberish !!  Just as she grabs my hand, makes a shrieking sound and squirts all over me.

Panting hard, that was intense for her but I am not done. I turn her over, both her hands rest on the table head and her legs are spread but on tip toe.

I go in hard now on her cunt, she cries out but i don’t care. I ram in her harder the second time, I keep going and going and all she says is

 yes” yes”

Her voice made husky I must assume from dryness in her throat, her legs are shaking. She will cum again any minute, In fact she has. I reach my limit I can hold it off no longer.

I go harder, Faster, My head looks up to the sky as I wait to let a load of hot semen in her.

I don’t hear him coming from behind

I don’t hear the door open

I don’t hear the baseball bat raise towards heaven before it is brought crashing on my knee. 

My legs give way, then the bat finds my dick, My eyes almost pop out. Something strikes my head I lose consciousnesses.

Semen drips from my limp cock with a mixture of blood.


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