Scarlet Sin

Series Obsession continues……………
I can smell the stench off the ground, that is not so hard seeing as I am currently pressed against the marbled floor writhing in pain. 

My eyes tightly pressed together, teeths gnash in anguish, I feel the blood rushing to my brain as my heart beats faster than the drummers at an electro pop rock concert.

My intestines are debating which should rip to shreds first, the small or the large. The only sound more deafening than my beating heart is the church bell.

It must be 12:00noon 

Time for the Angelus.

My bloodshot eyes open up, everything looks hazy I attempt to mutter fuck but spittle and blood block my speech.

I can’t talk

I can’t move

I can’t save myself

I am going to die here

My beating heart subsides its pace to such a rate I think the end is near, the pain is lessened I ready myself to meet my maker.

My body stiffens as I lay motionless on the ground as the church bell continues to sway back and forth.


Veronica opens up about the plan Funke and Ify have concocted and the video they have in their possesion. I am livid, needless to say I threaten fire and brimstone of my own and after much teary eyed apology from Vica (Veronica) she agrees to get the video and delete it.

Which she does,

But she then wants to leave me because she claims she would never be able to live with herself.

Funke and Ify on the other hand now without an ace up their sleeves also come to apologise, and I reluctantly accept.

Five days later I decide to go to church to pray and ask for a new start. It’s Saturday so church is not filled with parishioners, just committee members and church workers.

Its dark, 8:25pm sorta dark 

Not sure if i should enter the church seeing as work is currently ongoing I stand at the entrance to pray for a few minutes then I genuflect. I turn around to make my exit….

That’s all?  

The voice is familiar, It’s Ify’s Apparently she came to pray too.

 I feign anger at seeing her but even in the dark she glows. She seems disinterested in whatever led to my mood swing and beckons to me to cover over.

She meets me half way, grabbing my wrist with her small hand she takes me towards the parish house. We are in a room now, it’s pitch dark I can barely see a thing. 

My zipper is undone and I feel her mouth on me. 

I wanted to stop her, This is a church for pete’s sake but I was power less and stupid. 

Instead I lift her up and kiss her deeply while unclapsing her bra, she finds the switch and puts on the light. 

She is fucking beautiful (shit I just used the F word in church) Her boobs are taut and firm and her nipples rock solid. 

A smile curves her lips seeing the desire on my face that was her master plan I guess.

But I put off the light, I wasn’t gonna fall for another blackmail video I was gonna find her despite this darkness and then Fuck her.

She runs from me, the room is large I could tell from that temporary illumination.

 I have to find her now, I move slowly trying not to trip and fall. I wonder how many other guys she had brought up here for her to move skillfully in the dark.

She giggles and runs off anytime i come close, It’s almost 3mins and my horny state is making me angry chasing after the solution to such hard on.

I trip on the bed and make a shrieking sound. She runs towards me

Are you alright? 

Concern all over her voice. As soon as she held me I flung her on the bed and took out my cock, she laughed knowing I had played her but loving the fun of it all.

All the while I searched for her I realized why I couldn’t feel her with my outstretched hands, She was taking off her clothings bit by bit.

Fantastic, I ram into her drawing cries of passion, once, twice,  thrice, till it was more a vibration than a stroke. She moaned loudly  I swore we would be caught. The jerk her body made on the bed made the artifacts on the bed head fall off.

Doggy is my favourite and I guess she must have learnt how to arch her butt from funke because she did it so well now, everything in that room swayed as we fucked non stop.

The big cross fell from the wall, broke in two and rolled towards the door just as Ify moaned her last to signal the squirt season and cum parade.

I wasn’t done I kept going at it, till climax came and I lifted my head to drink in the pleasure.

At that moment I could have sworn I saw a reflection from the window, I was about to steady myself to look again but Ify pulled me down for a kiss.


Outside of parish house someone stood watching the fornication been carried out in the church premises.

This was wrong and they would pay.


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