Catholic Girl

The story here is the start of a new series tittled Obsession.

There will likely be a rehatch of the old series titled Diary,  (Christmas romance – Deja Vu II) The story as you must have guessed will unfold more intrigues as it had the protagonist character regain consciousness even after the encounter with the Duo in the SUV.

Catholic Girl BEGINS NOW


I met her at…….

Ok can’t remember where I met her who the fuck cares ?

We met, !!Sparks!! 

We fell in love, we fought, we split. 

End of story ok bye. 

Who is bored already? Sigh.

 I think about her every now again, I hope she thinks of me too. Scratch that I know she thinks of me a lot, Love like that just doesn’t die.

I remember one time we were together, hold up I need to put off this TV. So much Ass on the television its fucking distracting.

Where was I ? Yeah Ass”  No No back up.

Yeah our tryst eh? Sounds Nasty uh? (Insert weird laughter from a disturbed fellow)

Alright so she is all christain-ny yeah?Rosary, Hail Mary, Apostles creed, 5yards road to convent that sort of deal and she meets me right? She was trying to get me converted….Oh boy that ship.

Funke, that was/is her name. About 5foot 8 with her nice ass and massive boobs, shit those tits could talk damnit, they had a mind of their own those two, they literally said grab me I swear it.

Anyway like I said I can’t recollect how I met Funke but I do recall her first visit to my apartment, After so much pressure she had agreed to come see me since that was the only condition I gave if i was going to attend mass on sunday.

She wore a dress………. Isn’t that what they call it when girls wear something besides a jean and a top? Yeah? 

Nude dress (hahahaha), I mean the colour you perv. Her bra…..Funny I don’t remember seeing a bra. Anyhoo I had one of those stubborn hard ons the moment I laid eyes on her and then I resorted to using a Magazine to cover my loin region.

She must have noticed because she tried desperately to look at the ceiling. We talked about the new parish priest for well over 45 minutes and all that churchy talk. She declined to talk about Beyonce or Rihanna or even Adele, Called Trump a devil and said Buhari was a terrorist. 

Also refusing to take any food or drink, And I got to tell you it was the most frustrating 2hours of my life and when she stood to leave I surprisingly heaved a sigh of relief.

When she left I went to my bed to mourn my failed attempt at what I felt would have been the most delicious sex ever. Barely 10 minutes later she knocked on the door and when I answered she said she had forgotten her small phone which was resting on the couch.

She also took the opportunity to give me directions to the venue of the church program which I geninuely didn’t know so we had to seat back down while she explained. Her hips sort of pushed the dress up and her yellow thighs were in my full glare, I swear I tried to not look but I couldn’t it. She smiled and licked her lips all the while looking at the phone as though some funny message had just come in.

Then she slightly lifted her head and looked away from the phone and curtly asked it was almost a whisper.

What are you waiting for?

Erm? I inquired, I just had to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Waiting for ? I asked back, I mean you have got to understand she was a prude as far as I know and from what I had noticed all up on till this moment. 

Are we going to do this or not?

 She asked while dropping her small phone which I noticed now was not even turned on.

Funke I do not understand I blabbed,

At this point every cell in my body was devoid of the ability to function. She kicked off her gold coloured flats and dragged her dress further up her body revealing no under clothing. 

She pulled her dress further to rest in her mid region so as to free her thighs she was at this point kneeling on the couch and she pushed me back on the sofa while she tied her long, long, very long legs around my slender frame and with eyes locked on mine she said

Fuck Me

I instinctively went for her boobs, my hands trembled I tried to find her nipples in the dress. She just smiled and licked her lips damn, I found it finally her nipples, No No False alarm it was her Rosary tip.

She guided my hands to where her areolas shaded the nips, they stood firm and perky, I pinched and she gasped I saw desire in those eyes and Squeezed this time I could already feel her snatch wet my already budging joggers.

She freed my cock from the prison zipper and guided it inside her cunt moaning and biting as she slowly sat on it. She was wetter than the rocks on the river bank.

She rode slowly, every up and down effort bringing her pain and pleasure. Her right arm pinched at my neck while the other desperately tried to stop her self from running away from my dick.

Her thrust became deeper and faster now, with her face displaying more delirious desire than brain aneurysm pain, she kissed my neck while bouncing more heavily on my genitalia.  

Her butt made such loud noise with my thighs I could have sworn the neighbours would hear us. She moaned even louder with her eyes not even visible anymore her hair was all over the place her mouth was half open and spittle had formed web all over her tongue and teeth.

Funke kept riding me and it become more intense till the couch felt too small to accommodate our escapade. I lifted funke with one arm no joke, my cock still firmly inserted in her pussy moved towards the sitting room door and pushed it shut then I moved, more like ran to the bedroom.

As soon as she hit the bed she turned around and arched her ass up so I could have her doggy style. I went in knowing I would bust in no time, with every thrust her rosary moved back and forth while she said moaned.

I would stop occasionally turn her around just to see her pretty face and be sure I was fucking her and every time she would turn back for doggy.

We went hard at it for little over 30mins before I nutted inside of her just as she squirted like 5times after cuming simultaneously.

We fell on our backs for 15mins panting naked from head to toe except for her black rosary ofcourse, she got up and before I could say jack she grabbed my dick till I had a semi erection she licked on the cap till i was fidgeting like a convulsing patient and then she took it all in when it was hard again, she sucked and sucked I almost passed out, I tried to push her off but she just smilled and crawled back on top of me then after a long deep kiss she asked

Will I be seeing you in church ?


Next on the series Obsession, 

Funke isn’t the prude I thought she was, she invites her friend lucy over, the juggs on lucy shit, not the tallest of the lot but she is one fine ass woman too. 

Holy act is not the best connotation for what transpired.


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