Deja Vu II



Philip drops him hard in the trunk of his Peugeot 406.

For a skinny bloke, it almost felt like he was lifting a ton.

Dead weight eh?

That ugly joke certainly did put a smile on philips face.

Killing Chioma was Hard, he had loved her and one time he felt she had loved him. 

Love had blinded his eyes he never saw the signs of her infidelity. 

She had cheated, It wasnt her fault he thought as he caressed her cheek while staring at her lifeless body. It was that bastard Neighbour, he made her stray.

His expressions hardened again as he lifted chioma in one swift motion and dropped her in the Peugeot trunk on top of her Neighbour. Even in death he couldn’t stand them been together but acccomodation in transporting murdered victims was scarce.

He placed a trampoline over his victims, In a diabolical way he seemed to enjoy his kill. 

The time was 8:45pm and just the little bulb on the trunk served as illumination. Philip got in the car and set off to dump the bodies.

Something had broke inside of Philip and somehow he knew this would not be his last.

Philip drove off leaving Eyaen in his wake, speeding off into the darkness.

He couldn’t risk been caught, he had die sooner than risk going to jail. 

He was headed towards Upper Mission Extension now on the one way lane. 

Headlights off

Dependent on the barely functional street lights along the roads Philip didn’t want the attention his powerful headlights would bring.

As he approached a bend, An SUV with no plate numbers was trudging down the opposite direction on the one way lane directly towards philip flashing lights.

Philip really should have stopped at this point but he couldn’t risk it. The lights kept flashing as it drew closer, a fleet of dangote cement trucks blocked the right side of the road so except philip slowed down or tried to park his car, this head on collision was inevitable.

Horns blared!!

30seconds away now

Philip made a last minute decision to halt just as the SUV swerved to the right but, it was too late.

The instant brake applied by philip sent the car somersaulting repeatedly.

Throwing philip out the windshield, directly infront of the SUV while the somersaulting Peugeot kept skidding away.

The SUV saw the open road now and utilized it. Climbing on top of philip, the massive tyres crushed his skull but he was already dead.


Rita was unbothered as they drove off in the SUV, but she could tell the fear in tony’s voice, His hands trembled as he gripped the steering wheel.

He was a means to an end, she had lured him into robbing the micro finance bank where she worked up until 48hours ago.

She would have to get rid of him soon but for now all she cared about was the 40million naira resting neatly in the back seat of this stolen SUV.

Tony was a fool but he would do anything for her even while scared shitless. She remembered how she had convinced him to rob her former place of work. 

She had invited him to her house at Uwelu and when he was settled, she kissed him. Rita could swear he almost passed out, his hands trembled just as they did now, fidgeting he had tried and failed to let loose her bra this made her laugh.

No sooner had he gone inside of her did he cum, she had faked a cum too and called him a god.

He must have felt powerful,

The fool.

Tony tried to steady his nerves, he gulped another bottle of alomo bitters with his left hand firmly on the car wheel.

Music was coming from the stereo, Ric Hassani’s police tune was on. 

Rita changed the frequency of the radio, it rested on 92.7. Star girl was reading out the breaking news, 

Any useful information about the SUV should be……..

Shitty Fuck, Rita cursed

They are on to us, 

what do we do? Tony inquired, 

you mindless baffon, do i have to tell you everything? Rita retorted.

His face saddened.

Sigh, if she wasn’t such a terrible driver at night she would have killed him this instant or at least pistol whip his sorry ass with this baretta 45′

Instead she used her other powers, leaned in close grabbed his pants

His erection grew, my big powerful tony she whispered, she kissed his sweaty neck and unzipped his trousers.

She sucked on him, from the head to, well that was about all of it.

 She had to stop slobbing on him for fear he might let the car go and get them both killed. 

He was smilling again, 

get us out of here baby, 

Ofcourse, he replied

She looked at him, he was very good looking but he was not smart 

she hated him, 

she hated dull men,

She hated men

Soon she would get rid of him, but not yet.

She looked behind them one last time, she couldn’t make out anything in the darkness. 

They had pulled it off!


About 20mins behind the SUV lay philip dead. And another few meters away was the rubbles from the Peugeot.

People had gathered and now whispered giving their own accounts of what transpired as torch light rested on the 2 dead occupants of the car.

The little boy in the crowd kept telling them of how he saw bodies fly off the trunk of the Peugeot. But no one believed him, just as his father sent him back to the house with a thunderous slap.

Oya alelele as i dey look you,


 Omo na’ sakan gbe 

his mother quipped

They kept talking and shaking heads and whispering and praying, 

but no one checked for a pulse, 

No one called an ambulance,

No one called the police, 

No one did shit

Again some one from the crowd moved the torch around, gazing at the semi nude chioma neck snapped but even with the accident she barely bled.

Her tatoo was still as visible as ever

Love hurts

He sighed after making meaning of the tatoo, they all started to leave one by one for fear that if and when the police comes they don’t get arrested.

From the window Osayi with tears in his eyes saw something, the guy lying beside the girl with the tatoo moved.

Well my hand just twitched a bit, then it happened again, then again.

I open my eyes and I see chioma just a short distance away from me.

I can still smell her shampoo.
Christmas Romance – Deja vu II



22 thoughts on “Deja Vu II

  1. OJO says:

    Good piece but the transition from nonfiction to fiction was too soon. It was something that anyone who followed could easily be thrown off balance.
    A good work generally with a bit of work to do.


  2. Phoebe says:

    The story is really intriguing and suspenseful but I don’t quite understand the end … to think that it was all a dream or probably a premonition? Nevertheless it was worth reading…


    1. leosecho says:

      You have to keep in mind that there is a continuous shift of narative, as every character becomes the focus from time to time.
      In this piece, the story ends with the protagonist regaining consciousness.
      Read previous post for better understanding.


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