Deja vu


Non stop vibrations emanating from my handset propels me back to sleepless land.

I am Exhausted!

But apparently Godwin doesn’t care as his numerous tags on social media sends my notifications on overdrive.

Facebook, Instagram and ofcourse Twitter.

The pop up appears on my phone, 

Ode is the first quote I manage to pick out before I notice chioma shuffling around the bed. 

My Mind playsback quickly to what transpired a few moments ago, The passion, Intensity, the grip, grab, pinch, pull, choke, slob and smack.

A smile curves my lips, I look up to chioma as if to read a similar emotion, Her face is bland, Emotionless, devoid of excitment.

She grabs hold of a blanket after searching hopelessly for her clothing, She makes way to the bathroom.

The sex was great, I am not one to toot my own horn but (Insert Smug look) so her sudden brash behaviour must be from guilt.

Cheating on Philip must be hard on her.

No worries, she ll get used to it.


Its been 3weeks and 4days and Chioma is now an expert at turning off the guilt button anytime she wants a piece of this MAGIC WAND.

Philip her boyfriend who is my Playstation pal these days finds no issue with meeting her in my apartment whenever he comes for her, He sort of trust me I think.

After all we are Gs!!

He hasn’t seen her in 2weeks

I Know

 because, she has been with me all of that period, always telling philip off.

No she is not around, I would say whenever he knocks on my door to inquire bout her.

See that he is off on his merry way and then return to my bed for chioma to finish sucking me off.

She swallows too

Every other day when I am preoccupied with work or any other lady, Chioma would reluctantly let philip come over,

But would always have her phone on flight mode,

Messages and pings deleted

Call Logs erased

Pattern Passwords more complicated than the Tibet Map.

Poor Philip, I like the Guy, dedicated and committed to the relationship.

He probably loves her, and maybe one time she (Chioma) loved him. She maybe still does, but that emotion is now in the recesses of her mind.


Completely engulfed with desires for a mysterious neighour she came to know little over 2 months ago.

She (Chioma) finally agrees to make love to philip (bf) amidst his persistent pleas, silently she wishes he had break up with her and she would forever be in the arms of her neighbour.

Sadly Neighbour guy doesnt love her as much as she does him, perhaps she isn’t cooking enough or cleaning properly or maybe its the sex ?

She doesnt do all he wants in bed, she has to do better, she has to do it all  she wants him .

Even now lying motionless while been ridden by a sex starved Philip she becomes horny at the thought of her neighbour.

Her Alarm clock lets out a shout, 

Barely audible, the battery must be semi dead

But, it is enough to get her to lift her eyes above Philips head to see that the clock sounded 2mins late.


And That’s how long philip lasted.

He falls on her panting, Chioma slides from underneath his huge frame. He has begun to irritate her.

She grabs her phone while off to the bathroom, Her Neighbour must be home now. She just wants to hear his voice.


2017 is going great, More Money will come I can feel it


Phone lights up, It’s Chioma


I am reluctant to take this call, Isn’t Philip still around? I saw his Peugeot car downstair while Shopping for stick to engage this rat a short while ago.

I let it ring 4more times and then I pick up, I try to sound as Uninterested as possible but Chioma’s silky voice is unsettling and she starts to talk dirty telling me she is touching herself while calling my name.

Frankly I think her voice sounds a bit too loud but I might just be paranoid besides she claimed Philip is sleeping away.

I too start to enjoy the fun of dirty talk, The throbbing cock is evident of that fact.

The fun last roughly six or seven minutes, she tells me she is going to hurry Philip off then come too me.

My pulses are racing, she sure knows how to wake the beast.


Philip has been suspicious for a while now, but her (Chioma’s) lack of interest in sex and complete  disregard for him has futher put credence to his suspicions.

He watches her dart into the bathroom with her phone and listens for the shower to come on.

He tip toes towards the door silently, He hits his leg against the edge of a stool and falls flat on the ground. Pain engulfs his being.

Cursing under his breath he turns left and right hoping the pain would fade away. He rolls to his side and while on the fall he starts to notice things in the room he had never seen before, like the hole on the door below.

He gets horny at the thought of seeing his girlfriend nude and he hopes he gets hard soon and maybe she would give a 2nd round.

She sits on the WC

Beautiful and lovely,

Slowly like as though she could see him watching her, she starts to touch herself.

He Hardens, she must have wanted more and he would oblige her. 

He reaches for his zipper but stops short when he notice she has a phone to her ear.

He must be Hallucinating or she is phone sexing while touching herself to another guy.

Philip shamefully gets up, his fears have been confirmed he dresses up and leaves the apartment even before she finishes up.

22Mins After…..

I am kissing Chioma, She is kissing back

I stick one finger in her and then two, she moans in agreement.

I suck on her tits from my adidas tank she has on, she fights to free her nipple for access.

The pleasure is unbelievable

The passion is incomprehensible

I kiss every part of her body, while she screams for me to enter her.

I hold her hands off, legs wide open.

She thinks I will go in her now but 

Never Understimate the power of a tongue

She falls back hard on the bed, grapling for something to help her fight off the burning desire to cut of my dick and insert in her .

She pleads for mercy 

Baby pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

But you are the devil and torture is………

A Punch from above sends me to the floor flat out naked, The pain is so severe My Cock goes flaccid.

Chioma screams while grabbing at the bedsheet to shade her nudity.

I am still reeling from the punch, still trying to collect my thoughts when another jab rocks my jaw.

2Molars cave in,

One rolls out my mouth, The other I probably swallowed.

I spit blood 

I can’t see, What is going on?

Is GOD punishing me Physically by himself, Fine I take it all back

I am not your daddy

I am not your Alpha and …….

A kick straight to my chest sends My head ricocheting off the wall.

I must have passed out cold, More screams from Chioma wake me up temporarily.

Philip stop pleaseeee

This is what plays out in my subconscious, Besides that,  My brain surprisingly decides to hit me up with CLEAN BANDITS ROCKABYE BABY

Anne-Marie’s voice sends me away to wonderland

Water is poured on my face

I barely wake up, 

No, Not yet scum

That would be too easy, Philip seems to be saying to me. 

He walks briskly over to the only couch in my sitting room and picks up an object, even in my beat up state.

Guns always feel the same

Any last words he inquires

Weirdly since i awoke again, Chioma has been silent. But I can see blood stains on Philips previously well tailored and Ironed grey sleeves.


I barely utter,

Oh did I tell you all earlier !?

Philip is a graduate of Benson Idahosa University now training at the Nigeria Defence Academy.

On the lowkey, He suffers from Bi-Polar disorder.

Again, I plead Philip please Let me explain.

In between coughing blood.

My Name is not Philip you fool

He spits at me

My Name is jon snow


Kuku kee me
Deja Vu II is next!!!

Deja Vu II will complete the 5 episode long series categorized DIARY.



17 thoughts on “Deja vu

  1. Adina says:

    Not bad…attention to detail is good…gives the reader an imagination and makes it seem like a scenario the reader is involved in….Good job…Spellbinding write๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘


  2. Phoebe says:

    Jon snow? really ? quite an imagination. I must commend d suspense applied… great piece u got here…pls when is d next episode gonna be out?


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