Harmattan Chills

I miss you, I can’t stop. Every second without you is hard.
I probably will never stop but I …… 

Wtf!! This idiot just shoved me without even apologising, He mouths off before walking away speedily, his mouth makes inaudible sounds. Yeah he must be scared, I mean why else would he mumble words that I can’t make out in such close proximity especially afte…..

The fuck!!! Another moron just brushed past me so fast I almost lose my balance.

He too mouths off but I hear this one, Look road ! Ode!  

My left ear pick the harshness in his tone, I re-adjust my self just as the right ear lets fall the ear piece. 

Moron one wasn’t scared, the earpiece had prevented me from hearing his utterances. 

With Daddy Yo blasting from phone to ear drums, and being lost in thought over the woman from my dreams I was lucky not to have been knocked down by an incoming car.

Harmattan wind blows dust towards my direction, I dart away looking for cover.

Am home now,

 The gates in this house though, Central Bank has got nothing on this edifice.

Out comes my key, about to get in and the flat opposite mine opens slowly. 

I couldn’t care less, I put one foot in my apartment and someone taps me softly from behind if i didn’t know better I would say I was caressed.


The voice is soft, sweet and inviting

I turn slowly, she stands at 5ft 10, chocolate, small boobs when compared to the woman in my dream, but I can tell this one has got fire booty, No makeup but her face is still attaractive, she has a tat,

Love Hurts 

I take this all in within seconds, we stand less than a foot from one another I can smell her shampoo.

Hello I barely respond, she smiles devilishly. 

I am chioma, your neighbour, I just moved in. We exchange pleasantries and we go our separate ways. 

2weeks has passed since that introduction, Chioma and I are whatsapp buddies, Love the same Tv series and Friendly neighbours.

Right now she is laying on my bed, remote in hand, unable to decide which to watch MTV base or Hip TV, in between complaining about all the guys she curved not persevering. 

She talks of how she feels she could be a better VJ than Ehiz and so much more, All the while my eyes scan her from head to toe, she has a tank top on with bum short so tight her big ass is all over the place.

Everytime she turns left and right to look for the remote she herself kept on the chair while arguing with me who the better dancer is between Usher and Chris brown, I steal a glance at her butt.

She suddenly moves towards me on the bed, I ready myself for the impossible. Out comes her Iphone 6, she shows me her new IG pictures and how she has managed 2k likes in 2hrs. 

My hopes are dashed, what was I even thinking ? I feign interest in whatever she seems to be vested in now, even as I shamelessly steal glances at her cleavage.

She drags up her tank top

She must have spotted my lack of interest and seen my eye view, but she keeps showing me the pics.

I see her snapchat folder

Chioma must have forgotten about her semi nude pics saved on there. She makes aim for the phone i shield her arm, she frantically battles for her phone in between screams and embarrassed laughter.

We wrestle for the phone, 

It’s now or never, I plant a kiss on her lips, she pauses for about 2seconds smiles and kiss me back.

Those 2seconds must have been the longest of my life

We start kissing passionately, My hands make way to her butt, they are so soft I swear I must have cum.

We are both standing by my room door, I guide her back to the bed, I feel the need to take her now

With one finger I unclasp her bra, she bites my lips as though to say 

Baba!! Bra Commando!!

I suck on one freed boob, she moans happily. I grab the other and fondle it till her nipples stand firm in agreement.

Off comes my united jersey

I reach for her shorts yet again, about to unzip her but she stops me halfway.

Shaking her head left and right she says

 I can’t , I have a Boyfriend

I lean towards her till I can feel her hot breath on my face, 

Cold from the harmattan enters through the windows.

Her nipples harden again.

With one kiss, then two then three

Her grip loosens on my arm, 

I reply, 

I won’t tell if you don’t.


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