Christmas Romance II


With the swiftness of a cheetah you turn her around with her back to you, Her arms still firmly pinned in your grip over her head. 

Planting kisses upon kisses on her body,

Your lips nibbling on the back of her neck drawing maps of passion. Her nerve endings are electric wavy, sending sparks to her brain.

Her moans are hypnotic, they rhyme with Elvis Presleys’ rendition of “All i want for christmas is you” playing off the background.

You want her badly just as much as she wants you now. Again she begs, 

baby pleaseeeee

Her eyes water, You feel for her.

 She can’t take it anymore you figure, just take her panties down and help satisfy her desires. 

But are you Santa Claus ?
NO !
After all she has been more naughty than nice.

You slide her panties down, her breathing corrects as she anticipates the first stroke, but a smile curves your lips.

She catches you just in time, she knows that evil smirk. 

No…… No…….

Too late,

The tongue believe me is a powerful tool.

She falls back hard on the bed realizing how fruitless it is to convince you she can’t take anymore teasing. Both hands on her head waiting to pass out from extreme pleasure.

You go hard at work on that clit, stroking and sucking. She is in the throes of passion, gyrating her hips and now totally oblivious of her initial resistance.

Her eye balls go missing, she is blind at this point, her speech is incoherent, her throat dries up, her breathing is faster, her moans louder, fidgeting and jerking like a convulsing patient.

She reaches a crescendo, You halt.

Her fast breathing subsides, she gathers her thoughts, she strains to open her eyes, adaptability is hard sort of if your eyes have been closed all the while.

She must think she is free now….

Something big and warm jolts her to reality, her teeth gnash at the feeling and the sudden realization of dick inside of her. She envelopes you with her arms and all of her might.

It begins slowly, then fast, then faster

Raw and oh so good.

Her cunt tightens around this monster, she can feel she is close. 

You can too, You turn her over 

Doggy is always the way to go.

She grabs for a pillow, something anything, for this is too much.

The smack noise her ass makes when he makes thrust after thrust is loud and exciting, she will cum again.

Oh fuck you are close too, 

Daddy o

Daddy she screams, You are mine, you are fucking mine you say.

Harder, Faster, Louder, Quicker

She cums……………..

Wake UP,  You fucking wake up

A car horn is blaring downstairs, Your phones light up.

13 missed calls – Office driver

Time check – 5:30am

Fucking late…..

You run off the bed, grab your bag and laptop, sprint for the door… A pic falls but you ignore it, 

Red Background, woman so beautiful

As you slam the door shut and dash for the gate, you can hear your neighbors loud sound system blare the classics of christmas tunes..

Elvis Presley just finished

Frank Sinatra sings A blue Christmas.


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