Christmas Romance

How kiss starved are you?

Wait Wait !!

Hold up for a second,

Starting up a blog post with a direct question is becoming a recurrence with my write ups, I should stop.

Should I ? 

Never mind, But really How kiss starved are you? I don’t mean the regular lets kiss because he/she cute and then wow I am horny (Fuck Time) 

I am talking of that watch her laugh uncontrollably when you act silly, you become so stunned at her unbridled beauty. 

Jerk movements made by her body from laughter you wonder if you were made to love her. 

You act on reflex, pull her close with two fingers pressed on your tshirt which somehow fits her better than you, perfectly resting on the curves of her figure.

Still in laughter she moves in obedience towards the direction of your mouth, she sees the passion in your eyes. Laughter is soon replaced by expectancy of what is to come.

Her Mouth waters 

Yours too

This scene has been witnessed before countless times by you both but, everytime it feels brand new.

You kiss her, she wants to be kissed, she wants more, she kisses back, you respond. 

You feel desire, 

Your loins bulge in agreement.

You press against her, she bites your lips 

A whisker away from drawing blood, you pull back not from pain but to catch your breath.

A smile curves her lips, she knows your weakness.

But you know hers too

Who attacks first? 

You do, 

You grab her and aim a kiss for her neck, she melts in submission.

You feast on the linnings of her throat, she begs for mercy, your dick is firmly resting on her cunt, making grinding movements as you place kiss upon kiss on her.

You can feel the wetness already, your pre cum she can feel on her skin. But the battle is not won yet my friend.

Unwrap the melons!!

Beautiful and large, your mouth goes to work on her nipples, she wants you inside now but you hesistate. 

She gats beg…….

Her heart beats faster, her fingers battle to let loose your zipper but you knock her small hands away. Pin her on the bed both arms firmly locked with your one grip you go back to sucking on her tits.


She pleads endlessly, but, 

you are the devil and torture is your game.

To be continued plix

Man U wan play biko


6 thoughts on “Christmas Romance

  1. Ella says:

    Nice one sir. Its just painful that you didn’t finish this one, how dare you dash my hopes??
    Well the post was more practical than theoretical. Like its something 95% of us can relate too. Keep it up bruv, the sky is your starting point


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